Portable Air Compressor Reviews

Welcome to Portable Air Compressor Reviews and Customer Complaints. Have you been looking for an air compressor but haven’t been able to find the right one? With so many compressors on the market, how are you supposed to choose the one that's right for your needs? This website will definitely guide you in the right direction and help you decide among the many brands, sizes, prices, and models.

Portable and Compact Air Compressor Reviews and Ratings

#1 - Makita Mac700Makita Mac700 Air Compressor

  • Commercial Quality  
  • Quiet  
  • Quick Recovery  
  • Portable 
  • Durable and Long Lasting 
  • 2 Horse Power (2.5 and 3 available) 
  • 130 PSI  
  • Cast Iron Cylinder  
  • Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating  
  • 5 Star Product

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#2 - Dewalt D55146 CompressorDewalt D55146

  • Most Powerful Portable Compressor  
  • Versatile  
  • Durable  
  • Quiet  
  • 200 PSI  
  • 10" No Flat Tires for Easy Transport  
  • Second Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • Vertical Stand and Collapsible Handle
    for easy storage.
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#3 - Porter Cable C2002 Compressor
Porter Cable C2002

  • 6 Gallon Tank 
  • Lightweight - Weighs Only 40lbs. 
  • 150 PSI 
  • Low Cost 
  • Easy Maintenance 
  • No Oil Required 
  • Third Highest Portable Air Compressors Customer Satisfaction

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 #4 - Senco PC1010 Air CompressorSenco PC1010

  • Low Cost 
  • Quiet 
  • Compact Size 
  • Weight - 20 lbs. 
  • Virtually Maintenance Free- No Oil Required 
  • 22-44 drives per minute 
  • 1/2 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP Options

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How do you choose the Best Compact Air Compressors?

Those who are looking for a lightweight and powerful compressor on this website have different needs. Some might want an air compressor for woodworking projects, art work, cleaning computers, air brushing, etc. These types of activities don’t require much power, so a smaller compressor is ideal. For those who require a more powerful air compressor for major home improvement projects, you’ll no doubt require a larger portable air compressor.

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Should You Choose a Cast Iron or Aluminum Air Compressors?

Most portable air compressors have either aluminum or cast iron cylinders. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

The biggest difference is that compressors with aluminum cylinders don’t require oil, so you won’t have to worry about all the messy maintenance. If you choose a compressor with cast iron cylinders, you will have to add oil.

Air compressors with aluminum cylinders are easy maintenance but don’t last as long as the cast iron. Also, when it comes time for repairs, it costs a lot more money to service a compressor with aluminum cylinders. If you want a durable and longer lasting compressor, you should choose cast iron. If you don’t want to spend much money, aren’t going to use your compressor frequently, and are looking for easy maintenance, then aluminum should be your choice.


The larger air compressors can weigh over 60 pounds. If you’re looking for power and versatility, you’ll need a heavier compressor. Some of the larger portable compressors we review on this site, even though heavy, are also very portable. That’s because they have wheels and comfortable handles for easy toting. If you're looking for the lightest compressor with the most power, see my Portable Air Compressor Reviews Top Pick above.


Typically the more power you need, the more expensive the air compressor is going to be, that is if you're wanting top quality. You’ll find prices on most portable air compressors can range anywhere from $70 to close to $400. There are compressors that cost less than $60 but I don't recommend them because they are lower quality. I'm only recommending the very best and most reliable air compressors.

Brand Name Portable Air Compressors

Brand name is very important when trying to find the perfect transportable air compressor. The companies we’ve found to have the most reliable air compressors are Dewalt, Makita, and Senco. Keep in mind that not all the compressors from these companies will suite everyone’s needs. That’s why reading our Portable Air Compressor Reviews are so important.

We worked really hard on our site in gathering the most accurate information on actual customer feedback in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information to help you make the right decision in choosing among the top air compressors.

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